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  • Contact or Connect with Gurtej
    You can reach Gurtej directly via email at or via text/call at 604 339 5049. Alternatively, you can connect with Gurtej on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Tik Tok
  • Work with Gurtej (Dental & Medical Specialists - White Coat Financial)
    Dubbed by many as "The Specialist for Specialists" Gurtej spearheads White Coat Financial, a private wealth advisory firm specializing in working with Dental & Medical Specialists across Canada. You can schedule a complementary consultation on a day and time that works best for you using White Coat Financial's online calendar.
  • Work with Gurtej (Pro Bono - Seva Financial)
    Gurtej is also the founder of Seva Financial Foundation, a non-profit offering free financial planning services to low-income families, single parents, individuals with disabilities, immigrants, and others in need. If you are looking for financial advice on your situation or need guidance about your options, you can schedule a time to meet with Gurtej using his personal calendar.
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